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 National Philanthropy

Lambda Delta Psi joined forces with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition in order to promote health in an effort to fight against ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is the growth of abnormal malignant cells that begins in the ovaries. Each fall, we hold a week-long charity event in order to raise funds for the NOCC in order to aid research and education. In doing so, we hope to promote awareness, advocacy, and the education of ovarian cancer to the Lubbock community. 

 Giving Back

Lambda Delta Psi stresses the importance of service - we achieve this through volunteering and getting involved within the Lubbock area. Active involvement within our community is our way of providing much-needed assistance, and it also strengthens one's character and builds humility.
If you are interested in co-hosting or would like us to participate in or attend your event, please contact our Service Chair, Naomi Omiya, for details.

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